BQPM provides an experienced team of consultants who help with the implementation of national, international, and/or industry-specific quality system standards, internal auditing, documentation development, system monitoring and review, business and quality improvements, and the selection of tools for the development of office and manufacturing automation.

Why should you choose BQPM?

  • One-stop shopping for tools, training, and consulting services
  • A complete package of systems and implementation solutions
  • Customization to the customer’s unique requirements
  • A cost-effective, value-added approach

BQPM provides customers a well-defined strategy for implementing their business and quality management system, maintaining their system, or improving their already implemented system to achieve higher levels of quality and customer satisfaction.

BQPM is committed to providing quality business process solutions through training, consulting and application integration services. Our goal is to provide a level of service that contributes to the success of our customers by “helping them help themselves” in achieving the quality improvement and cost reduction goals of their businesses. Through a continuing investment in experienced, highly trained, and motivated employees, BQPM strives to design, implement, and deliver services and tools to meet our customers’ requirements, increase their satisfaction, and add value to their efforts in business and quality improvement.

Internal Auditing

BQPM can take the pressure off your internal auditing process by performing your audits for you. Using your documents, procedures, and internal auditing process, our qualified auditors will assess the level of compliance of your system to your Quality Manual and the appropriate International or Industry-specific standard(s). Our auditors are trained in current aduiting techniques and have experience in assessing compliance of processes and systems to a number of different standards.

Using BQPM for this activity saves you time and money, as you will not have to:

  • maintain a staff of trained auditors,
  • worry about auditors assessing their own work, or
  • be concerned about the auditors assessing fairly and accurately.

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